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Dec 2, 2013 5:00pm EST
fascinating people of 2013. >> les arch campbell, our own fascinating person, is here to tell us about the floor saturday -- the four star movie that you may not even know about. >> a teacher accused >> a decorated rockville teacher accused of groping for young students has pleaded guilty to lesser charges. to threee then and him years of supervised probation. he is barred from teaching children under the age of six. we are live at the school where the assaults took place. >> this goes back to february 1 411-year-old students -- when old students said he touched their buttocks. teacher maintains his innocence. >> protected by family and peak --rs, timothy crew fromhy krupicka emerged court, but without prison time. the court case landed him in the poor house and damaged his career. >> he said he currently lives with his parents. his intent is to get a job in a completely different environment than teaching. >> in court, the mothers of two victims spoke, one saying, he approached my child from you time and dropped his hands to her chest. may his punishment have a sting that will hurt him. t
Dec 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
down with arch campbell to talk, anchoring as ron burgundy a disney movie marketing tool. >> in washington dc, finding some snow. so far.ld >> snow falling out west and a lot of it. we will show you who's getting the >> a truck hauling dangerous idea lacked if material is missing radio -- is missing. police say was taken by two armed robbers on monday near mexico city. but sit -- the material known as cobol 60 is a radioactive element used for medical or buses, but it can be used to make a dirty bomb. investigators are looking to track down the suspect who may be unaware of the radioactive cargo they stole. calm.ditions are mild and they are experiencing some of the coldest temperatures, dealing with record raking temperatures and snow. >> only four days into december and weeks from the official start of winter, and an arctic blast has taken a brutal hold on a large swath of the country. >> it is terrible. in the midwestes and south are experiencing a 30 to 50 degree temperature drop and only 24 hours. nearly two dozen states are underwent her advisories were warnings. >> i'm ho
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2